Tom-Amjilt Company

Tom-Amjilt Llc is meeting 10 years anniversary since 2007. Since we entered to the Information Technology and Media Sectors we are working to become The world’s leading Mongolian company. As part of this goal we have become a powerful Web Company that made the most Websites in Mongolian. We have been working to build a powerful Mongolian first Online Content Management Platform called

Our Purpose :
With the intellectual creation Website we aim to reach 7 billion people around the World.

2007 – Founded
2010 – Founded Tom-Amjilt LLC.
2012 – Founded Amjilt Information Technology Academy.
2013 – Founded Amjilt Studio.
2015 – Website became Online Content Management Platform.

Our Services:
1. Web Development Service
We have created the most Web sites in Mongolia of all Companies. We are Developing Websites quickly with high quality such as Poersonal sites, Company and Organizations sites, online Shopping sites, Travel sites and News portals.

2. Video commercials Service
Our Studio advantage is that we are using latest high-capacity computer, techniques and equipment.We are creating 2D, 3D animation, all kinds of high-quality video advertisements in high quality, innovative design and unique low-cost solution, fast and efficient service.

3. Design Service
All kinds of Design solutions such as Logos, Business Cards, Leaflets, brochures, Letterhead, Infograf, Books, Newspapers, Magazines and Brands books in professional levels.

4. IOS, Android app Service
Introduction IOS and Android apps, computationally-intensive applications and online or offline game apps including apps to execute appstore and playstore.

5. Amjilt Information Technology Academy
Amjilt Academy of Information Technology preparing qualified Specialists such as Web design, 3D multimedia animations, Graphic design and the App Developer.

6. is an online trading platform purpose of sharing content for online sale, purchase and distribution of content and information content, trade and mutual learning conditions arena. with all kinds of political, social, economic, and entertainment news, reports, interviews, articles, a forum oldest continuously operating sites, as well as the best site in Mongolia so far, 2007. sells products for consumer household products, cosmetics, sportswear, clothing, electronic goods, stationery goods such as all kinds of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japan and industrial products etc …

9. “Mora” Mongolian first full-length 3D Animated Cartoon
“Mora” Mongolian first full-length 3D Animated cartoon film masterpiece performed successfully with our achievements Animation Studio from January 1, 2015 May 5, 2017.


Amjilt Academy of Information Technology

Tom-Amjilt llc

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Address: #301 Union building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia